Sisters Rise Up 4 CS

SECTION 1: Introduction

Sisters Rise Up 4 CS helps female high school students pass the Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science (CS) A exam (see You could also run Sisters Rise Up for the AP CSP course. See

Females tend to have less early exposure to computing and programming than males and, therefore, less confidence in their abilities, which could negatively impact their performance on the exam. This project is designed to increase female students’ comfort and familiarity with the concepts on the exam to help students realize their talent and instill the confidence that will allow them to excel on the AP CS exam(s).

The project also tries to encourage more females to consider a career in computing. A study of college-bound teens from ACM And WGBH found that the majority of males tend to view computer science as a good or very good career choice for them while only 32% of females felt that way. See

an African-American student

SECTION 3: Content for Webinars

This section contains ideas for what to do during webinars. We want webinars to be interactive which leads to the best learning outcomes. So don’t lecture at students. Ask them questions, get them to connect what they are learning to their lives, have them make predictions, have them try to answer problems before you discuss the answers, and have them explain things to each other.

For more information on the effectiveness of interaction see Chi, M. T. H. (2009). Active-Constructive-Interactive: A Conceptual Framework for Differentiating Learning Activities. Topics in Cognitive Science, 1, 73-105. doi:10.1111/j.1756-8765.2008.01005.x

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