Kickoff Meeting

We start Sisters Rise Up 4 CS with a kickoff meeting at the college or university. Families are invited as well.

At our kickoff meeting we do a talk about computer science and show women who are doing cool things in computer science.

We also tell the high school students and their families what the project is about and introduce the undergraduate students who will be leading the webinars and in-person sessions. Have the undergraduate students say what they like about computer science. We invite parents and guardians and take them out of the room for a talk about how to get into Georgia Tech and/or a tour of Georgia Tech. It is especially important for women to have their parents or guardians encourage them in computing. You might want to give the families brochures about your school and computer science. You can get great materials from NCWIT and CSTA. See and

Pre attitude survey

After the families leave the room do a pre attitude survey to find out how the students feel about computing at the beginning of the program and their perception of their ability to pass the exam. Contact The Findings Group for the pre attitude survey.

Registering for the ebook

Have laptops at the kickoff meeting or ask the high school students to bring their own if possible and have them register for the ebook. See for why you might want to create a custom course and how to do that.

Tell the students to record their username and password. People often forget what they put as their username and/or password. You might want them to use the same code that you gave them for the attitude survey as their username.

Pre content knowledge exam

After the students have registered for the ebook they should take the pretest in the ebook. Tell the students to use the “Next” button to get to the next question and the “Prev” button to get to the previous question. The student can also click on a number buttons to jump to a particular question. Tell the students that they can leave a question unanswered if they don’t have any idea. When they are done they can click on the “Finish Exam” button.

Pick days and times for the webinars

Put up on the board all the possible days and times for the 1 hour webinars based on when the undergraduate student leaders are available. Have the high school students raise their hands to show which ones they can make and pick the top two days and times or pick one day during the week and one weekend day.

Practice with Google hangout on air

Have the students practice joining a Google Hangout on Air session. Show them how to share their screen and use the chat window.

Talk about the in-person sessions

Tell them what you plan to do at the in-person sessions (Finch robots, Alice 3, Greenfoot, Android Development, hands-on searching and sorting, and practice free response questions). You can even have them vote on what they most want to do.

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